Resources / Links

Note: Resources are ‘borrowed’ from everyone – Hey! it’s the ‘web’…


1.0 UX with Limited Budgets:

2.0 LEAN PROCESSES: (Thank you Launch Academy)

3.0 UX 101:

UX is comprised of many disciplines. With these basics in your wheelhouse, you’ll be off to a good start in UX fundamentals.

Online Resources:


Slide Decks from Past Meetups:

January 29 2014 | UX101

UX 101: What Is UX? Presentation PDF from Krispian

Stories  & Narratives in UX101  (‘The USER is ‘boss’) – Prezi by Juliana Loh

How to Tell your Story in 2014 – Thank you Henry Ho


Hey Gang, this is *your* group. Add your resources here: Don’t forget to let us know WHY and HOW it could help us.


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