About Us

UX Design Therapy Meetup – ‘coz designing stuff is HARD’…

Our History

Our meet up group developed pretty quickly and was the product of a passionate discussion between UX Designer Krispian Emert and Creative Lead Juliana Loh. Having attended a few of Vancouver’s superb UX-related meetup groups in Vancouver, Juliana discovered that the component that was identified as ‘missing’ was a group dedicated to seeing the world through DIY eyes; a group that could learn from each other’s experiences through discussion, experimentation and sharing of experiences. Krispian immediately responded to that suggestion by establishing our very first meetup group dedicated to just that.

Krispian scooped up Fraser Milne (UX/entrepreneur) who helped us to forge a sponsorship relationship with Milne’s former company Payfirma as well as a place to call ‘home’. In turn, Juliana invited Product Designer Kai Chu. Senior Designer David Drucker was also added to the group.

We are a super x-connected group of talented cross-overs!


  • To be a resource for UX design in a workshop-like setting.
  • To support the local community of meet-up groups dedicated to this discipline in whatever way.
  • To help bridge different disciplines in a manner that focuses on common touch-points
  • To present a forum for personal projects and case studies to be discussed in a supportive environment
  • To be PRO-COLLABORATIVE and to encourage ENGAGEMENT directed – crowd sourced activities
  • To invite ‘experts’ who can provide a catalyst for discussions but at the same time move toward our own peer-centered philosophy.
  • To ACTIVELY ENGAGE in personal, corporate or ‘indie-style’ projects

Designing products and services can be hard. And it can be lonely. Come share a problem or project you’re working on and get advice and support from the group. You are invited to come share your thoughts, frustrations and resources with other people.


  • Krispian ( Senior UX Designer/Singer-Musician)
  • Juliana Loh ( Brand Specialist / Creative Lead / Social Media)
  • Fraser ( Senior UX Designer/Really Good Cook)
  • Kai (Product & Experience Designer/Photographer/Hobby Chef/Locavore)
  • David ( Super Senior UX Designer/ Instructor/ Foodie)


This group is for people in all fields — IA, UX, IxD, Product Management, Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering & Development, Visual Design, Service Design — creating digital or offline products — an eclectic mix of practitioners and thinkers from a wide range of fields to share stories, provide insights, and suggest new ways of working. Each meeting will give members a chance to present a particular problem to the group, share experiences or ask QUESTIONS!

We’re about: