Whitney Hess is one of our favourite UX Professionals

…and she replied to us! Hello Whitney thank you for your good advice!
(One person in our crew seems to like Whitney alot… right J?)


5 thoughts on “Whitney Hess is one of our favourite UX Professionals

  1. Hi Whitney, the “J” person is Juliana šŸ™‚ We’re a really awesome bunch of UX people… lots of us learning the craft, a few cool ‘seniors’ and the majority of us “foodies” and “those who like eating food”. We would love to host a ‘chat’ with you some time or better yet, just come visit us: Vancouver, Canada

    • Well hello to Juliana and the rest of the gang! It would be such a pleasure to hang out with you all in Vancouver. I don’t currently have any trips planned there, but if that changes, I’ll be sure to let you know. (I have a soft spot for Rodney’s Oyster House.) If you’d rather do something remotely, just let me know. Please reach out via email and we can coordinate.

  2. Hey Whitney! On behalf of myself (Juliana) and the UX Design Therapy Meetup, we’d like to confer upon you the title of ‘Honorary Member’. We look forward to partaking in good conversation with you online or anywhere in Vancouver and we will make sure that there is a permanent place setting for you at Rodney’s Oyster House! šŸ˜€ As an aside to our group members, Whitey’s website is: http://www.whitneyhess.com. She is a UX COACH!

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